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We offer a friendly place for you and your child to meet new friends and come along to activities. We can also offer extra help, like support with pregnancy and parenting, and helping you look for work or training.

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A Children's Centre is somewhere where families with children under five years can go to access a range of services and information. They deliver services in one building, or at a variety of venues in a local area.

The centre's work in partnership with parents and service providers to deliver inclusive services that are:

  • child-friendly
  • accessible
  • respond to the needs of local families
  • help children to reach their full potential.

Each centre will work with early years professionals so that all children have access to quality early learning experiences. This is whether it is at school or nursery.

There are also family support workers and health professionals that are either based at or visit the centre.

Services vary between centres but will cover the following:

  • Early education and childcare. This is provided by the centre, childminders, other daycare providers, out of school clubs or extended schools
  • Support for you and your family
  • Child and family health services
  • Information for parents and carers
  • Information about training and employment

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