Assets of community value - Land housing Doctors Surgery

Record Details

Asset referenceCRTB10010
Property name/numberLand housing Doctors Surgery
Property addressMagna Lane
Property areaDalton
Identification planAvailable on request
Property owner freeholder or leaseholderFreehold
Property owner private or publicPrivate
Rationale for listingAs the land is the nominated asset and not the doctors surgery currently housed on the site. It is considered that the use of the land is CURRENTLY ancillary to the actual use of the building as a doctor’s surgery. Therefore, part of the criteria (b) as identified in Part 5, Chapter 3, Section 88 of the Localism Act 2011 has not been met.Accordingly, it is considered that the application to nominate the property as an Asset of Community Value is unsuccessful and will be registered on the unsuccessful register.
Date nomination received18/07/2014
Date nomination listed10/10/2014
Date nomination listing expires10/10/2019

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