Enough is enough

An online petition against repeated extremist protests in Rotherham, which have regularly closed down town centre shops has been launched.

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The petition – led by Rotherham Council Leader, Cllr Chris Read - aims to draw Government attention to the significant adverse impact which the series of marches and demonstrations are having on the town and the strength of feeling which exists.

At the same time, leaders of Rotherham agencies, groups and communities have joined forces in a statement of solidarity, calling for a halt to the disruption caused by the protests and encouraging local residents and business people to sign up, and encourage everyone they know to do the same.

Under the banner of Enough is Enough, they have come together to galvanise a borough-wide commitment to promoting positive images of Rotherham and its prospects for the future, whilst reiterating the need for justice for the victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation, and discouraging any activity which detracts from these aims.

They call on the Government to look again at the current legislation around protest activity, given the number of marches which have taken place over the last 18 months in Rotherham and the impact on community relations. They refer to a number of what appear to be racially-motivated attacks on local people over recent weeks.

The petition adds weight to correspondence which Government Commissioners – appointed earlier this year to run Rotherham Council – and others in the town have already sent to the Home Secretary Teresa May in a bid to stop the demonstrations.

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