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Shared Lives Week

Look out for the Shared Lives Team around the borough as we will be dropping in at local libraries and community centres, alternatively if you would like more information then please call into Riverside House and ask to speak to one of the team or ring the office on 01709 334948 or visit our website.

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About Shared Lives

Shared Lives allows adults to live or spend time with carers and their families - as valued members of their own communities.

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Approving and matching carers

All Shared Lives carers are subject to an approval process after applying.

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Training and support for carers

We provide training free of charge to help you develop the skills, confidence and knowledge you need to be a good carer.

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Carers' stories

See how real people around Rotherham have made a difference as Shared Lives carers.

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Payments and expenses

Shared Lives carers receive payments and expenses based on the service you provide and number of people you care for.

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