More to see at the Rotherham Show

Vintage vehicle rally 1

Vintage Vehicle Rally (Sunday only)

This much-loved part of Rotherham show once again brings you vintage vehicles aplenty dating from pre-1930s right up to the 90s and beyond. Judging takes place in the afternoon with an awards ceremony at 4pm with trophies and medals being given by the Mayor of Rotherham.

Please note: Regrettably, again this year, we are unable to have a road run as part of the Vintage Vehicle Rally.

We are not taking any more applications for this year’s Vintage Vehicle Rally. Please note: only those with a pass will be able to gain entry to the Rally.

If you would like an application form for next year, please contact us with your details (including full name and address).

Email the events team

Call the events team on 01709 255500

Diversity Festival

Embracing Rotherham’s diverse culture the festival offers community stalls, entertainment and workshops.

All the Fun of the Fair

With your favourite rides and attractions this popular part of Rotherham Show brings fun and thrills for the whole family.

Horticultural Show (Saturday & Sunday)

The Horticultural Show is a much loved part of Rotherham Show and sees many visitors over the weekend. With entries for arts and crafts including adults and children’s classes and a whole host of blooms and prize winning vegetables, there’s something of interest to all ages. Everyone is welcome to come along and see if they agree with the judges’ decisions. 

Yorkshire’s Strongest Man (Saturday & Sunday)

Brought to the show by Man Beast Strongman Events, this exciting attraction is sure to entertain and amaze you with the sheer strength and power required to take part. Now in its third year and hosted by strongmen Phil Roberts and Paul Smith.

The Cycle Hub (Saturday & Sunday)

The Cycle Hub will be at the show all weekend so why not pop along and find out you can get free cycle hire for up to 3 months, get a free Dr Bike check-up and minor repairs plus, free adult and family cycle training.

There will also be a bike try out arena next to The Cycle Hub with a range of bikes for people to try for free.

Emergency Services Day (Saturday only)

Now in its second year this great attraction will showcase the fantastic work from the Fire, Ambulance and Police Services. With demonstrations including an RTC demo with live extrication of a casualty from a crash vehicle from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, competitions between service cadets, Sheffield City Pipe Band, stalls and more!

Pedigree and fun dog show

Pedigree and Fun Dog Show (Saturday & Sunday)

Bringing pedigree and fun classes on both Saturday and Sunday the dog show is a popular attraction including AV Veteran Dogs, AV Terrier, Cutest Puppy, Best Sausage Catcher and many more!

All proceeds are going to The Netherland Rescue Kennels, so please help support our local canine comrades, charity can begin at home!

Entries will be taken on the day.

For more information please contact Hazel on 01709 366490.

Hamster show

Hamster Show (Saturday)

The Northern Hamster Club will once again give you the chance to show off your cute and cuddly pets with judged events in the main show or entry into the pet class where hamsters are judged on tameness and condition only.

Please note: entries must be pre-booked and cannot be accepted on the day.

To enter your Hamster or for more information.

Contact the Northern Hamster Club

Cat show

Cat Show (Sunday)

Now in its second year, this fun cat show is brought to Rotherham Show by the Yorkshire County Cat Club and includes fundraising stalls. 

Any cat can enter (pedigree and non-pedigree) so if you would like to show off your feline friend please contact the Yorkshire County Cat Club at the email address below. Please note: entries must be pre-booked and cannot be accepted on the day.

Exhibition classes 1-3 (Open to all cats)

Pens may be decorated and if so, will also be entered in the overall "best dressed pen" class.

  1. Any variety cat/kitten or neuter 'Handsomest Male'
  2. Any variety cat/kitten or neuter 'Prettiest Female'
  3. Any colour kitten 'Cutest Kitten'

    Pedigree cat classes: 4-10 inclusive. Non Pedigree and Pedigree Pets: 11 & 12

  4. Any colour or pattern Persian cat /kitten or neuter (including exotics)
  5. Any variety semi longhair cat/kitten or neuter
  6. Any colour or pattern British cat/kitten or neuter(including Selkirk Rex)
  7. Any variety foreign cat/kitten or neuter
  8. Any colour Burmese cat/kitten or neuter
  9. Any colour or pattern Oriental cat/kitten or neuter
  10. Any colour Siamese cat/kitten or neuter
  11. Any colour or pattern pedigree pet
  12. Any colour or pattern non-pedigree cat

The above classes from 4-12 inclusive will be split male and female if both sexes entered.

You may enter just one class from 4-12 whichever is appropriate or add one of the classes 1-3.

We will also be having a people's choice where visitors can vote for their favourite and the winning cat is awarded a fabulous rosette for being voted our 'Cat of the Year'.

Please contact the show manager for a form which must be completed and sent with the required fee (£15 first entry, £10 second entry) by 29 August.

All exhibits must arrive no later than 9.30am in a suitable cat carrier and must be accompanied by an adult and will be checked on arrival. They must be healthy, clean and be free from fleas, ear mites etc.

No entries will be accepted on the day.

Call the Cat Show manager

Email the Cat Show manager

Fresh Produce and Craft Marquee

Take some time to visit the Fresh Produce and Craft Quarter for those original, unique and quirky crafts and the highest quality local and regional produce including, brownies, cheesecake and honey.


Rotherham Show offers over a hundred stalls to browse including trade, charity and information.

Food & Drink at Rotherham Show

Rotherham Show offers a wealth of food vendors both around the park and also in the Food Court. This year is no exception with food from around the world including Chinese, Greek, American hot dogs, German swing grill, crepes, chicken wraps, Indian, pizza, burgers, fish & chips, hog roast and even gourmet cheese on toast! Food vendors also sell soft drinks, tea and coffee.

There are a number of bars around the showground serving a range of alcoholic beverages from lagers and wines to Pimms and fruit ciders and also soft drinks.

Clifton Park’s food and drink outlets will also be open over the weekend, including the kiosk next to the water splash area and The Granary Café inside the Museum.

Also around the park you will find ice cream vendors selling a selection of ice lollies, ice creams and cold drinks.

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