Wingfield Ward Action Plan

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Welcome to the first Wingfield Ward Action Plan!

The Council will be producing an Action Plan for each of its 21 Wards. The content of those plans will be shaped by your local Councillors and will reflect their discussions with you – as individuals and as community groups – and identify what the priorities are for your Ward.

Wingfield has three Ward Councillors elected in May 2016. We're keen to see things get done in Wingfield and we want to make sure that we do what we all agree is necessary and that we do it together. It's really important to us that people and groups from different backgrounds get on well together and build a Wingfield 'community spirit'.

So how will we do this? Well, we've started to hold what we call Ward Events to which as many local community groups as possible are invited along. We've done three of these events so far and identified what the people attending see as priorities. We've then captured those priorities in our Action Plan section of this leaflet.

As part of our work we're also going to be extending the number of contributors to setting Ward priorities by getting out into our neighbourhoods where traditionally people have not been involved in this type of community work.

To help us deliver those priorities, we also bring together RMBC officers who work in Wingfield, along with our local Police officers and representatives from health services.

Our Action Plan also contains some interesting information on the characteristics of the Wingfield community and will help show what issues we need to focus on.

And why are we doing this? Well its because RMC wants to make sure that it puts neighbourhoods at the heart of everything it does. The Council's Corporate priorities are:

  • Every child making the best start in life
  • Every adult secure, responsible and empowered
  • A strong community in a clean, safe environment
  • Extending opportunity, prosperity and planning for the future

And RMBC believes in focusing on our strengths, making the best use of our assets and working together in partnership.

This document is available on line and will be updated regularly. We will have to submit quarterly monitoring reports to the Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member and an annual report to Council so that everyone can see what we're doing.

If you feel you'd like to get more involved in the community life of Wingfield, please don't hesitate to contact your Councillors or the Wingfield Neighbourhood Development Officer.

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