Role of Commissioners

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is overseen by three Commissioners. They were appointed by Government in February 2015 after a number of reports highlighted serious failings across the authority.

Since then, on recommendation from the Commissioners, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government confirmed new directions that handed back some powers of functions to Members.

The majority of council services are now back under local democratic control.

Decision-making for the following services remain under the control of Commissioners:

  • Children's social care services

Decision-making powers for adult social care have also been returned to Rotherham councillors – but as work to modernise these services is underway, Commissioners would have additional oversight with the power to veto key service decisions should they have any concerns.

Commissioners will also retain enhanced powers over domestic abuse services, as are in place for adult social care, meaning Cabinet Members must act on any formal advice of Commissioners in these areas, while improvements progress.

In addition, Commissioners retain power for the appointment and dismissal of the council’s three statutory officers, and the setting of Members’ allowances must be done so in agreement with the Commissioners.

The Commissioners have produced several key documents that are available to download.

Download Commissioner documents

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