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Commissioner's bulletin September 2015

sir derek myers
Lead Commissioner Sir Derek Myers

The end of August marked one year since Professor Jay’s report into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham and six months, under Government Directions, since the Commissioner Team had been put in to assist the Council.

At the end of August Commissioners provided their six month progress report to the two Secretaries of State who had appointed us.

Those reports are now in the public domain:

See progress reviews

In short, good plans are now in place and progressing. The Council has committed to change. We have a big six months ahead as we hire new senior staff, produce a viable budget for next year, settle the refreshed vision for the Council and continue to deliver Improvement Plans and to improve the confidence and experience of Councillors so they can prepare for the restoration of powers to directly elected representatives.

Roadshows nearly complete!

The Council committed to 28 Roadshows providing an opportunity to meet with many sorts of groups and individuals across the borough over the course of the summer.

We are also hoping those thousands of people who attend the Rotherham Show can be used as another sounding board for some of the themes that we have found from these discussions at the roadshows. The last roadshow completes in September and on the back of all of the information we have harvested, we will be able to come forward with some conclusions about what these views might mean for our longer term aspirations for the Council and the priorities we will need to reset in order to deal with the budget challenges.

Meeting with the Secretary of State

Mr Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government invited Commissioner Malcolm Newsam, Children’s Commissioner, and myself to discuss progress at Rotherham with him on the 1st September. The Secretary of State took great interest in the detail of how Children’s Services are being improved and the continuing challenge of dealing sensitively with complex casework.

He also accepted the Council was facing a significant budget challenge given the need to meet commitments to children and play its part in the Government’s fiscal policy. He invited Commissioners to continue dialogue with civil servants about whether or not any additional flexibilities would enable the Council to plan more competently.

Taxi Licensing

Having agreed a new Policy and now agreed an Implementation Plan which commits to exactly how that Policy will be implemented and over what timescales, we are now moving to the important work of reviewing existing licensing, license holders and considering individual matters.

Representatives of the taxi trade have been diligent in testing and suggesting improvements to the policy and implementation plans. Commissioner Mary Ney has spent a long time consulting with them and there is now more accord than there has ever been.

New Senior Staff Advertisements

Advertisements for a permanent Chief Executive, Assistant Chief Executive (to deal with Performance and Policy matters), Strategic Director for Adult Social Care and Housing, and Assistant Director of Legal Services will be placed by the end of September. Adverts for a Strategic Director of Finance and Corporate Services, two Assistant Directors for Adult Social Care and an Assistant Director of Community Safety will be placed in early November. These eight new appointments will form a very important part of the new officer leadership arrangements which will further power the Council forward.

Rotherham Show

We are all looking forward to the Rotherham Show across the weekend of the 12th and 13th September. This is a big event in the life of the Council and its partners and hundreds of Council staff will help put it on and make it work. We expect 70,000 people to join us to have fun and demonstrate the pride that so many residents feel for their area and the welcome that we want to give to those who join us from further afield.

I hope you might join us too.

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