A guide to fostering

  1. A guide to fostering
  2. Skills and qualities we look for
  3. Short term care
  4. Long term care
  5. Support care
  6. Remand care
  7. Short breaks
  8. Day fostering
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Our priorities and achievements

The Fostering Service's main goals are to deliver:

  • Safe, high quality foster care
  • Continuous recruitment and retention of foster carers
  • A commitment to a child-centred approach, and to improving looked after children's life chances and outcomes
  • Close working with all sections of the Children and Young People's Service to ensure that the best interests of the children are prioritised at all times
  • Partnership working with all departments of the Council
  • Partnership working with other agencies, including health-related, to ensure that comprehensive support packages can be devised and implemented
  • Comprehensive advice, encouragement and support for all foster carers
  • A full contribution to the development and continuous improvement in the delivery of child care services within the Council
  • A commitment to the ongoing development of foster carers through training and personal development programmes
  • A statement of intent for all foster care enquiries and foster care applicants

The aim of Rotherham's Fostering Service is to provide children looked after in foster care with foster placements that reflect their race, culture, religious and language needs.

In order to meet the services' needs for sufficient good quality foster placements, we aim to ensure:

  • Foster care enquirers are given a positive and welcoming response
  • All foster care applicants are offered a service which is based on the principles of equal opportunities and respect for individuals, regardless of language, race, culture, religion, sexuality or disability
  • All enquirers are offered information about the process of fostering assessment which is outlined in the Children Act 1989
  • All enquirers receive a confidential service
  • To inform foster care applicants in an honest and sympathetic manner if the assessing social worker has concerns about their suitability to become foster carers

Our achievements 

Thanks to the 24-hour support of our dedicated team, our current foster carers feel empowered and motivated to be a real difference in children's lives. Here are just some of the words and phrases they've used to describe the experience:

  • rewarding, challenging, life changing, commitment, fantastic, pleasure, exceptional, make a difference, give kids a second chance, achievement, when a child accepts you - you feel special, partnership, needed, if you think you can't - you probably can

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