The fostering process

  1. The fostering process
  2. Referral
  3. Initial visit
  4. Skills training (You are here)
  5. Your application
  6. Home study and assessment
  7. Fostering panel
  8. Being a foster carer

Skills training

If you decide to proceed, you'll be invited to attend our 'skills to foster' preparation training course. This is your opportunity to learn much more about fostering on a course run by our Recruitment Team, assisted by foster carers.

You'll be introduced to the challenges of foster care, the kinds of experiences children may have gone through and why they may behave in certain ways. You'll also learn about the people you'll be working with, such as the child's family, social workers and other professionals, and what is expected of you as a foster carer. The course will also contribute to your assessment.

The course is presented several times throughout the year and weekend training is also available if you would find it difficult to attend during the week.

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