Support and training for foster carers

  1. Support and training for foster carers
  2. Ongoing support (You are here)
  3. The support team
  4. Support from other foster carers
  5. Financial support
  6. Get help for a fostered or adopted child
  7. Further support

Ongoing support

When you become a foster carer you'll receive or have access to:

  • Regular face-to-face and telephone contact from the Fostering Service
  • Essential items of furniture, baby equipment, school equipment, clothing and bedding for foster carers
  • A 'buddy' system, where you can get support and befriending from other foster carers
  • Lots of social activities for you, your children and the child/children you are caring for, especially during the school holidays
  • An allocated social worker in the fostering supervising team, who will offer support as well as supervision and monitoring
  • Monthly support groups to enjoy the advice and support of other carers
  • The fostering forum, a regular meeting of carers and workers to discuss fostering issues and to listen to foster carers' views
  • A fostering duty system, available from 8.30am to 5.30pm, through which a duty officer will receive and act on any requests or concerns, as appropriate
  • An out-of-hours team, offering a 24-hour support and advice service
  • The foster carer charter, which identifies available fostering support
  • Individual membership of The Fostering Network, allowing access to advice and support, including legal advice, independently of the Rotherham Fostering Service

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