Benefit claims: providing evidence

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  2. Evidence of identity
  3. Evidence of National Insurance
  4. Evidence of income
  5. Evidence of rent
  6. Sending your documents

We need the following seven items when you claim to help speed up your benefit payment and help with your Council Tax.

  1. Your fully completed claim form. This means you must answer every question.
  2. Evidence of your identity and, if you have a partner, evidence of their identity.
  3. Evidence of your National Insurance number and, if you have a partner, evidence of their National Insurance number.
  4. Evidence of your income and, if you have a partner, evidence of their income.
  5. Evidence of all the income of anyone else living with you (including, for example, grown-up children, other relatives or friends).
  6. Evidence of all savings, investments and any other capital or stocks and shares held by you and your partner, including all bank and building society current and savings accounts.
  7. Evidence of your rent, if you pay rent to a private landlord or a housing association. We also need the name and address of the owner of the property. If your landlord is an agency or agent who manages the property for someone else, we need both the managing agent's name and address and the owner's name and address.

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