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The structure

The vision for Rotherham Partnership is set out in Rotherham's Community Strategy. The strategy provides the framework for joint working based on the needs of the local communities.

The agreed priorities for 2012-15 are to:

  • Ensure the best start in life for children and families
  • Provide additional support to the most vulnerable in our community
  • Help local people and local businesses benefit from a growing economy

The Rotherham Partnership Governance Board is the overarching board responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Community Strategy and subsequent reviews of the strategy. The board is made up of leaders and equivalents from key partner organisations.

Supporting the board is the Chief Executive Officer Group. The group includes the Chief Executives and equivalent of the Council, hospital, Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Foundation Trust, colleges, Police, Chamber of Commerce, Fire and Rescue and Voluntary Action Rotherham.

The strategy is supported by a number of time-limited task and finish groups.

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