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The Improvement Plan - Joint Board

The Joint Board provides the formal, internal Council governance forum for ensuring robust monitoring of the progress made in achieving the actions set out within the Rotherham MBC corporate Improvement Plan - 'A Fresh Start' - as submitted to Government on 26 May 2015.

The Joint Board brings together Commissioners with leading Elected Members to provide a joint, cross-party, positive forum that can work in the collective interests of delivering the improvement outcomes associated with the 'Fresh Start' Plan.


The Group’s core membership comprises:

  • Lead Commissioner Sir Derek Myers (Chair)
  • Commissioner Mary Ney
  • Commissioner Julie Kenny
  • Commissioner Patricia Bradwell
  • Leader of the Council, Cllr Chris Read
  • Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Allen Cowles
  • Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Gordon Watson
  • Cabinet Member for Corporate Services and Budgeting, Cllr Saghir Alam

Board Meetings will also be attended by Chief Executive, who has overall strategic lead responsibility for delivery of the Plan; as well as other officers who attend and report to meetings of the Board when required.

Elected Members may nominate substitutes to attend if necessary, to ensure adequate councillor representation and input to the work of the Joint Board.

Frequency of Meetings

The frequency of meetings is on a broadly monthly basis which commenced on 28 July 2015. The Board can meet more or less frequency in line with reporting requirements, as required.

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