How to reduce your bill

  1. New build relief
  2. Rural rate relief
  3. Mandatory and discretionary rate relief (You are here)
  4. Small business rates relief
  5. Hardship relief
  6. Rate relief on empty properties
  7. Relief for Local Newspapers
  8. Support for Pubs
  9. Support for Small Businesses
  10. Revaluation Support Scheme
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Mandatory and discretionary rate relief

Charities or organisations which are not established or conducted for profit may be entitled to help with their Business Rates bill.

Mandatory Relief

If you are a Registered Charity, a Charity that is exempt from registration or a registered Community Amateur Sports Club you will be entitled to mandatory relief of 80 percent off your bill.

Discretionary Relief

If a property is occupied by an organisation that is not established or conducted for profit, whether charitable or not, the Council may offer a discretionary relief of up to 100 percent off your bill.

Charities and other non-profit making organisations can claim discretionary rate relief. Successful applicants must be able to show a contribution to the wellbeing of Rotherham residents.

Charities can claim up to 80 percent mandatory charitable relief. But, they must occupy the premises wholly or mainly for charitable purposes. We can grant a further discretionary relief for charities up to a further 20 percent providing they meet certain conditions. This will be for one financial year only.

Your rates are still due and payable. If an organisation is successful in their application, we will refund any overpayment.

The following charities and non-profit making organisations may be entitled to relief if you meet the required conditions. Organisations working in respect of the following (amongst others) may be considered:

  • social disadvantage
  • health and welfare
  • children (under 16 years)
  • youth services
  • the elderly
  • ethnic community groups
  • arts and crafts
  • employment and training
  • the disabled
  • business development
  • community centres
  • sports and leisure
  • education

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