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Support for Small Businesses

Supporting Small Businesses

This scheme announced in the March 2017 budget will help ratepayers who, as a result of the change in their rateable value at revaluation, are losing some or all of their small business rate relief or rural rate relief.

To qualify:-

  • Businesses should have received small business rate relief or rural rate relief in the 2016/17 financial year; and
  • Seen an increase in their rateable value from April 2017; and
  • had a reduction in their small business rate relief or rural rate relief from April 2017; and
  • seen their business rates bill increase by more than £600 per year from April 2017

The scheme will be in place between 2017/18 and 2021/22.

Each year increases in business rates bills for eligible businesses will be capped at £600.

The discount will end when the bill reaches the amount that would have been paid without the scheme or the property becomes vacant.

All ratepayers who are eligible to receive this relief have been identified and application forms have been issued.

Awards are subject to State Aid De Minimis limits

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