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Breast buddies

Every day you breastfeed makes a difference to yours and your baby’s health. Mums who get support are more likely to overcome initial difficulties and breastfeed for longer. Help and guidance is available from your midwife and health visitor.

There is also a network of local mums who volunteer their time to support other mothers with breastfeeding. These mums are known as peer supporters and they have all breastfed their babies as well as receiving special training. They use their experience and knowledge to provide help to new mothers and mums to be.

A peer supporter can help if you:

  • Are pregnant and need more information to decide how to feed your baby
  • Would like to express milk for your baby
  • Are having difficulties breastfeeding your baby
  • Are returning to work
  • Are thinking of stopping breastfeeding
  • Have already stopped breastfeeding but would like to start again
  • Are pregnant but would like to continue breastfeeding your older child

You don’t have to have a problem to come to a group, they’re great places to meet other new Mums and your baby will enjoy meeting other babies too.

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