A guide to Fostering Plus

  1. A guide to Fostering Plus
  2. What to expect from our carers (You are here)
  3. Financial support and information
  4. Support and training
  5. Assessment process

What to expect from our carers

Our carers will:

  • Have previous experience of caring for, working with, or fostering young people
  • Provide care on a full time basis, 24 hours a day, expecting one carer to be available
  • Have no children under 18 residing in the home with them
  • Have a spare room in their house
  • Attend all relevant meetings
  • Maintain records and provide reports as required
  • Provide support and supervision to the young person outside the foster home, such as within school or recreational settings as determined in the care plan
  • Understand challenging behaviour, attachment and anxiety disorders

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