A guide to Fostering Plus

  1. A guide to Fostering Plus
  2. What to expect from our carers
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  4. Support and training
  5. Assessment process

Financial support and information

You will receive a placement fee of £350 per week when a young person is in placement. This allows one of the carers to remain at home and be available. This is on top of the fostering allowance payable in respect of the young person.

For every child or young person in your care, you will receive a weekly allowance. The amount you receive depends on the age of the child.

The allowance takes into account a child’s pocket money and money for clothing as well as money for the upkeep of the child.

As well as the weekly foster care rates, we also add birthday, holiday and Christmas allowances.

You can contact the Fostering Recruitment Team for an information pack.

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