See what Council Tax pays for

The Council Tax you pay goes towards the cost of providing a wide range of services for the people of Rotherham.

These include:

  • Libraries
  • Parks, open spaces and galleries
  • Leisure facilities, including swimming pools and recreation centres
  • Social care for the elderly, children and other vulnerable members of the community
  • Support for the voluntary sector
  • Planning and building control
  • Refuse collection, street cleaning and other environmental issues
  • Maintenance of roads and bridges
  • Traffic management and road safety
  • Parking services and control
  • Elections, registrars of births, marriages and deaths
  • Cemeteries, crematoria and mortuary services
  • Consumer protection
  • Economic development and regeneration
  • Community development services
  • Housing Benefits and Council Tax administration
  • Youth services

Your Council Tax does not pay for schools and other educational services for children.

These get paid for by the government through the Dedicated Schools Grant.

In 2017-18 we expect to raise £95,152,347 through Council Tax.

This is 17 percent of the Council’s gross revenue expenditure of £553.14 million.

This excludes housing, which is not paid for through your Council Tax.

Including housing, the Council’s total gross revenue expenditure will be £637.70 million.

Download the full guide for 2017-18

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