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How we can help you and your child

The Visual Impairment Team focus on the impact that a child's visual difficulties have on their learning, development and inclusion within their school and community. We work in partnership with parents, early years providers, schools, health and social care services to effectively meet the needs of individual children. 

There are several levels of support with different packages for each based on the National Eligibility Criteria for help, which is used to determine the support entitlement of an individual child based on their visual needs. Children with a visual impairment who have additional and complex needs are also supported.

Most blind and partially sighted children attend their local mainstream school, with teaching and other support provided by our experienced and qualified staff. We will work with you, your child and the school to tailor a support package based on your child's needs and we will make recommendations to your child's school.

As well as specialist teaching assistance we also offer learning aids such as books in braille or large print, as well as information and advice to maximise your child's learning and development. We can also teach your child other skills such as learning braille, using low vision aids and touch typing, and work with them to develop their social and life skills and mobility.

To make sure that your child's school support remains effective, we will record their academic progress and use this information to identify any issues.

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