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Report dog fouling

Under the Rotherham Borough Council Dog Control Order of 30th November 2009 it is an offence for a dog to foul on designated land and for the faeces not to be removed forthwith by the person in charge of the dog.

In Rotherham alone we clear up approximately two tons of dog fouling each year from our streets and recreational areas, this is due to irresponsible dog owners failing to pick up after their dog. A single dog mess can contain approximately 1 million microscopic Toxocara eggs, which can cause a potentially serious infection in humans leading to blindness.

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the dog to clear up any dog foul left by their dog. The legislation makes it clear that being unaware that the dog has fouled, or not having a suitable means of removing the faeces is not a reasonable excuse for failing to remove the foul.

If you do not clear up after your dog the maximum penalty is £1000 in a magistrates court, alternatively an authorised officer can issue an £100 fixed penalty notice for the offence.

Report dog fouling

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