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Why are we doing this

Like all public sector services, Rotherham Libraries have to reduce costs, so we are proposing to work differently. This will help us to reduce our budget.

We're proposing to maintain our fifteen community Libraries and continue to develop them as community hubs, so that people are able to access many services or activities from the Library building.

We're proposing to withdraw our Mobile Library Service and deliver our Book Link service in a different way.

We’re keen to deliver extra activities and partnerships outside of our core offer. However, to do this we will need help from others, as we won’t have enough resources to be able to do this on our own. We’re therefore proposing to work closely with volunteers, partners and community groups to enable the Library Service to develop.

We're proposing to continue with our programme of redevelopment, so that our Libraries are modern, welcoming spaces.

We are reviewing our opening hours to ensure that they remain convenient for our customers. We are not currently proposing to make changes to the number of hours that Libraries are available, but may amend the opening times to ensure that we are meeting customer requirements.

At some times of the day, we are proposing to reduce the level of staff members we have working in some of our Libraries.

We're proposing to look for ways to do things differently to make more money. This could be hiring out more meeting rooms or space in our libraries, having vending machines or café facilities, setting up a supporter’s scheme where people pay for extra services, or advertising.

Why have we developed a new Library Strategy

  • We want to set out our future plans and ensure that the service continues to develop and thrive
  • The Government is reducing its funding for Council Services. Rotherham Council has to reduce its budget by a further £48.1m by 2018/2019. We must therefore ensure that all our services are economical and efficient and give maximum value for everyone

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