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Temporary event notice

A temporary event is a 'licensable activity' that either:

  • Has fewer than 500 people attending
  • Lasts for a maximum of 96 hours, with a break of at least 24 hours after

You can hold an event at premises that are not currently licensed, or hold activities that an existing licence does not allow, by submitting a temporary event notice to the Council. Examples could be an occasional later than normal opening, or the occasional selling of alcohol.

All applicants must be age 18 or over. There are restrictions where the person applying for a notice is a partner, close relative or employee of someone who has already been granted a notice.

You can apply for up to 5 notices a year, or 50 if you are a personal licence holder.

A maximum of 12 notices a year can be applied for in relation to any single premises, for an overall limit of 15 days in total. For events exceeding these limits, a full premises licence is needed.

Enquire about a temporary event licence

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