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Our themes

Our Housing Growth Plan sits alongside Rotherham’s Housing Strategy. It sets out how we will increase the number of new homes built.

The four main strategic themes are:

  1. Housing market assessment and communication
  2. Making the best use of land for housing development
  3. Creative and business friendly solutions
  4. Develop a town centre housing community

The Council as an enabler – How we can help

The Council’s role is that of a housing delivery enabler which means we will:

  • Set the vision and ambition for housing growth in Rotherham
  • Ensure a robust and challenging business plan is in place
  • Create opportunities by bringing public land forward
  • Improve investor confidence
  • Work in partnership and embrace new ways of delivering housing
  • Work with partners to unlock stalled sites and stimulate growth across all sectors
  • Utilise our housing intelligence data to make sure new provision meets current and future housing need
  • Make sure we deliver a good range of housing options to stimulate our entire housing market
  • Deliver specialist housing to meet the needs
  • Achieve the right balance between value for money and design standards
  • Achieve high levels of sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Provide opportunities for small and medium businesses to benefit from increased housing activity
  • Step in where market failure exists

We will make sure our ambitions for growth in Rotherham are heard at a more strategic level through the Sheffield City Region (SCR) framework. As well as national growth programmes and other key partnerships and networks.

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