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New Housing Delivery Programme 2015-18

The New Housing Delivery Programme 2015-18 has identified potential brownfield sites for new homes through the following routes:

  • Open Market Sale
  • Local Authority New Build
  • Affordable Housing
  • Specialist Housing
  • Custom Build

The New Housing Delivery Programme will be refined on a continual basis as each category is developed and plans are progressed.

The programme is an essential part of our plans and will be used as a delivery tool to drive forward and accelerate sites for residential development.

New housing projects

Accelerating and Stimulating the Housing Market in Rotherham

The Government is committed to approving more new homes to be built through its economic and housing growth agendas. The release of excess public sector land capable of development is regarded as an important way to stimulate construction activity, help growth and meet housing needs.

A number of programmes and initiatives are being deployed to stimulate the housing market in Rotherham and enable stalled and unusable sites to be delivered. - Housing

Since the reduction in grant funding from Government the Council faces budget and resource challenges in responding to the housing growth agenda. This has meant finding new ways of working without grant such as using our land and property to help growth and developing partnerships with the private sector.

Major Development Sites

We are working in partnership with private land owners to develop new communities on large sites. These communities will bring a new, high quality offer which will help to meet housing need across the borough. These large sites are key to supporting economic growth in the region.

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