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Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme sets out a programme for preparing the documents that will make up Rotherham's Local Plan. It is intended to:

  • Set out the subject matter, geographic coverage, development plan status and inter-relationships of Local Plan documents.
  • Establish and reflect priorities for the Local Plan and set out associated work programming
  • Give a timetable and set milestones for the preparation and review of documents

The Local Development Scheme was last updated in June 2015. The Core Strategy was adopted by the Council 10 September 2014. The timetable for other Local Plan documents is given below:

 Document Stage  Expected 

Sites & Policies (including Policies Map)


October 2015


March 2016



June 2016



December 2016

The Local Development Scheme document is available on our downloads page. Progress in achieving the milestones is reported in the Annual Monitoring Report.

View the Local Development Scheme document

View Annual Monitoring Report information

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