Get a new bin, box or recycling bag

The Council can provide a new bin, box or bag at a charge for any property that requires them. There may also be a charge for replacement bins. We can also supply an additional bin if there are five or more people living permanently in your home.

Item Cost new Cost replacement
 240 litre black bin  £23.40  £23.40
 240 litre green bin  £23.40  £12.00
 140 litre black bin  £20.86  £20.86
 140 litre green bin  £20.86  £12.00
 55 litre blue box  £4.00  Free
 35 litre blue waste paper bag  £1.00  Free
 Delivery of up to 4 items  £8.36  £8.36

Rothercard holders get a 50 percent discount.

Apply for a Rothercard

There is no delivery charge if you collect the bins yourself from Hellaby Depot. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Contact us for a new or replacement bin

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