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Get a taxi camera fitted

To be suitable for licensing, your vehicle must have a taxi camera system installed. The camera system must meet the standards set by the Council.

Suitable systems include:

Supplied by MCD Security Systems Ltd.
Tel: 01274 449786 or 0113 3202 786
Email MCD Security Systems Ltd.

Supplied by SerVision UK Ltd.
Tel: 0161 266 1270
Email SerVision UK Ltd.

4eyez 004/1
Supplied by 4eyez Ltd.
Tel: 0114 299 8694
Email 4eyez Ltd.

Supplied by Safe Systems
Tel: 01706 873988, 01706 870077 or 07958 590681
Visit the Safe Systems website

Prices and payment terms vary, depending on the system purchased. Applicants should make enquiries with several suppliers before deciding on a system.

You may source your own systems – but it must meet the Council's requirements. It's a good idea to ask the Council to verify that the system meets these requirements before they buy it.

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