Making changes to the definitive map

  1. Making changes to the definitive map
  2. Claiming a path (You are here)
  3. Apply to register or change a route

Claiming a path

Public rights usually exist if a path has been in continuous use for at least 20 years. This may not be the case if the landowner has ever restricted or prevented access.

Paths with public rights are not always shown on the definitive map. This does not mean that a path is not open to the public.

You can apply to register a path on the definitive map. A claim usually needs support from at least 10 path users. At least 5 of these must have used the path for at least 20 years.

You and anyone supporting your claim may have to attend a public inquiry. You may have to give evidence if there are objections to your use of the path.

If there is little or no support for your claim then we may take no action to register the path.

If we find that public rights exist then we will add the path to the definitive map. The process can take a long time. Even a simple claim can take a year to complete.

Request the claimed footpath register

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