Responding to child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

  1. Responding to child sexual exploitation in Rotherham
  2. What is the focus of our work
  3. Who helps the Council to deliver the response (You are here)
  4. How have help and support services improved
  5. Help for survivors and victims of child sexual exploitation

Who helps the Council to deliver the response

Our response to child sexual exploitation is being delivered by many multi-agency teams and initiatives. All of these teams have either been newly-launched or strengthened. These include:

Evolve – the multi-agency specialist team tackling child sexual exploitation

This team respond to and safeguard children who are or likely to suffer harm through child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. They aim to provide ‘wrap around’ support and protection to children and their family, with a team of people from a variety of support agencies. This includes social workers, a child sexual exploitation specialist nurse, a Barnardo’s social worker, a children’s social care operational manager, business support staff and police officers.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

The newly-strengthened Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) was launched in April 2015 and provides a central point of contact to for people to share safeguarding concerns. Staff from children’s services, police and health work together as part of the team. This has led to better information sharing between agencies - essential to help protect vulnerable children and young people.

Barnardo’s ReachOut Service

This is a new service which will support children and young people in Rotherham who have been, or who are, at risk of being sexually exploited.

The ReachOut service is being delivered by a team of specialist workers at the children’s charity in partnership with a range of stakeholders - funded by £3.1m from Rotherham Council, the KPMG Foundation, The Department for Education, The Communities and Local Government Department and Barnardo’s. A team of 15 new workers are now in post in the town. They will proactively engage with children, young people and families to raise awareness of spotting signs of sexual exploitation. Alongside this they will also work with community groups, schools, colleges and health services.

Read more about ReachOut

Overall Rotherham Council’s children’s services has been bolstered. An entirely new senior leadership team is in place and the frontline has been strengthened – more social workers have been recruited and caseloads have been reduced to manageable levels.

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