Have your say on the future of Council Tax Support in Rotherham

  1. Have your say on the future of Council Tax Support in Rotherham
  2. What is the current Council Tax Support scheme
  3. Why is the Council considering changes
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does our Council Tax Support Scheme work now?

Local Council Tax Support is a Council Tax discount. The level of discount is based on the household income and circumstances. Currently the maximum discount is 91.5 per cent of Council Tax for working age households and 100 per cent for pensioner households. Our scheme is more generous than many other local authorities.

Are pension age residents affected?

No, the scheme for pension age residents is set by Central Government and is not affected by the options set out in this consultation.

How much does the scheme currently cost?

The overall cost of the scheme (value of discounts provided) is currently around £21.1 million per year of which £9.2 million is for pensioners for who Council Tax Support will not change.

The cost of the Council Tax Support scheme for work age claimants is currently £11.9 million per year which is split between Rotherham Council and its preceptors (Fire and Rescue, Police and Parish Councils). Rotherham Council’s share of the cost equates to £10 million per year.

How will the proposed changes affect different households?

We cannot say how these proposed changes would affect every individual claimant. We have however prepared some examples that illustrate how different households might be affected. These do not necessarily show how you would be affected, even if your circumstances match one of the examples. Each example relates to one of the changes being taken in isolation. Should multiple options be adopted some claimants will receive increased reductions in their Council Tax Support and as such have to pay more Council Tax.

Examples of the effect of each of the proposed changes on individual claimants along with estimates of the overall savings can be found here .

See case studies and savings estimates

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