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What is being proposed?

The agreement to implement phase 2 and 3 of The Early Help Strategy has given us an opportunity to consult on youth centre and children's centre buildings and services.

While these issues are related, it is important to understand that a children's centre or a youth centre relates to physical building at a specific location, and the delivery of services is about a variety of services that can be delivered at a number of different buildings or locations.

The Early Help Strategy has set out a vision for 0-19 Family Hubs which will provide services, advice and support for children and families from birth through to 19 years (and up to 25 for those with a special educational need or disability). These proposals will make the most of the buildings and spaces we use and ensure that the right services are offered at the right time and in the right place.

Under these plans the Council is proposing to:

  • Reduce the number of children's centres from 12 to nine (the children's centres in scope are: Park View, Broom Valley and Wath Victoria).
  • Reduce the number of youth centres from 11 to six (the youth centres in the scope are Herringthorpe, Treeton, Kiveton, Maltby Linx and Swinton).
  • Relocate some services to other nearby buildings and make better use of community venues and spaces.
  • Develop 0-19 Family Hubs (in some cases, this will combine the children's centre and youth services into one building).
  • Implement more targeted work with families and young people (including parenting, relationships and sleep programmes).

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