Have your say about changes to Orgreave Parish

  1. Have your say about changes to Orgreave Parish
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What is the scope of the review

The Review will specifically consider whether to alter the area of the existing Parish of Orgreave in order to establish a new parish for the area, to be named Waverley.

Orgreave Parish Council has served a petition on the Borough Council requesting this.

The reasons for the petition are:

  1. Data from the Orgreave Parish Council Boundary Consultation shows that 78 percent of respondents believe that a new Waverley Parish should be created
  2. The new Waverley housing development will provide significant changes to the population within the existing Parish of Orgreave
  3. The existing parish boundary between Orgreave and Catcliffe has become outdated as houses in the Waverley development are built across the boundary with no clearly defined boundary
  4. There are no direct transport links between the two communities
  5. There is no 'cohesion' between the two communities. They do not share any common facilities such as schools and childcare, leisure centres, local transport facilities, community activities or places of worship
  6. The new development has already committed to its own identity, 'Waverley', and is to be managed under its own management committee

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