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Major works

Major works, sometimes referred to as major repairs, normally means any work carried out on your block which will cost more than £250 per property. For example, if there are 10 properties in a particular block then the total cost of the work would need to exceed £2,500.


You have a right to be consulted about any qualifying major works and we will contact you before the work starts to let you know what work is planned and why we think the work is necessary. At this stage you have the opportunity to nominate a contractor who you may like to carry out the work – your nomination must be received within 30 days.

Following this initial consultation, formal tenders will then be sought from contractors, including any nominated by you, to carry out the work.

Once tenders have been received the estimates will be reviewed and those which are considered to provide the best value, taking into account cost and quality, will be included within a formal ‘Section 20 Notice’ for the work. The notice includes:

  • A general description of the work
  • At least two cost estimates from different contractors

Once you have received the notice you have 30 days to submit any comments you may have in respect of the proposed work or the costs and the notice will tell you were to write to with your comments.

The Council will then consider all comments submitted before proceeding.

If we need to carry out urgent work, for example because of significant unanticipated damage to the building or because of a health and safety risk, we do not need to complete a full consultation process.

Paying for major works

We recommend that you keep a savings account, perhaps through a credit union such as Rothersave or LASER, to allow you to save towards the cost of major works.

However, if repaying major works will cause you hardship we do offer a number of flexible repayment options which can help you to spread the cost.

You should be aware that saving in advance will not only allow you to accrue interest on the amount you save but is likely to cost you less overall because repaying over a longer term may mean that you pay back more than the original charge.


LASER Credit Union

Repayment options

There are a number of ways in which you can repay funds for major works.

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