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News published August 2014

  • New York stadium

    Tony gets his freedom

    Published 13th August 2014

    The Chairman of Rotherham's promotion-winning football team will gain the Freedom of the Borough this week.

  • Cllr Beck at Moorgate Crofts

    Rotherham celebrates innovative economic investment

    Published 6th August 2014

    The newly appointed Cabinet Member for Business Growth and Regeneration for Rotherham has been witnessing first-hand the important work the town is doing to promote business in the borough.

  • Library @ Riverside

    Rotherham Libraries best in the world - official

    Published 5th August 2014

    Rotherham Libraries have taken on the best in the world and beaten them in a unique online challenge.

  • Ministry

    Rotherham's Ministry of Food prepares to reopen

    Published 4th August 2014

    Building work is taking place at Rotherham's Ministry of Food in preparation for its re-opening in the autumn.

  • The Town Hall in Rotherham

    Council Tax collection

    Published 1st August 2014

    Rotherham is once again one of the top-performing authorities for its Council Tax collection rate despite the huge changes imposed by the Government.