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Please recycle responsibly this spring

Published on Thursday, 9th March 2017 in Recycling - information and advice news

Springtime is coming - signalling the start of the organic garden waste green bin service for Rotherham householders – as well as a chance to order compost bins at a discounted rate!

This spring the Council is encouraging gardeners to help cut down on their household waste – as well as improving their garden soil – by taking up composting. Discounted compost bins can be ordered via the Council website.

Depending on your address, green bin collections start between 3 and 14 April 2017 – and householders are being reminded to make sure that only organic garden waste is in their bins ahead of the first collection.

Paul Hutchinson, Rotherham Council’s Waste Officer said that unfortunately the start of the green waste collections last year had seen a lot of bins contaminated by the wrong kind of waste.

“This caused real problems for our recycling process with levels of contamination so bad that it almost put the green bin collection service in jeopardy,” said Paul. “If we see the same high levels of contamination this year, the waste we collect will no longer be of a suitable grade to allow recycling and the Council’s composting partners who process the waste on our behalf may have no other option but to reject our green bin material.”

The only kind of waste that can be placed in your green bin is organic garden waste – this includes grass cuttings, leaves, weeds (except things like Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed or ragwort), plant material, garden prunings, bark and wood shavings, hedge clippings, twigs and thin branches (no more than one inch diameter).

Please make sure any twigs and branches are chopped up if necessary – the lid of your bin must close. Small amounts of plant compost are allowed but turf, sods or large amounts of soil make the bins too heavy to lift safely.

No waste or materials other than that mentioned above should be placed in your green bin: for example: no food waste cooked or raw, animal bedding,  plant pots or trays, rubble, stone or bricks, grow bags or plastic bags (even if they are biodegradable) or plastic of any kind, no cardboard or paper (these go in your blue bag for recycling), no metal, glass or textiles (these go in your blue box for recycling) and especially no black bin waste.

“We really appreciate the efforts our residents put into recycling and hopefully this reminder about putting the right material in your green bin will ensure we are able to continue to offer this recycling service to the residents of Rotherham,” added Paul.

“So ahead of the new season’s collections starting, please check your green bins to ensure there is no contamination, and if there is non-organic waste, just put it in your black bin instead.

“If any non-organic waste is found in your green bin by our collection crews then unfortunately it won’t be emptied until the contamination has been removed. If all your garden waste doesn’t fit in your green bin; or you have excess black bin waste, you can take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.”

Please see the website for lots of useful tips, guides and advice on how to home compost successfully. You can also order a compost bin online: 220 litre compost bins cost as little as £17.98, and 330 litre bins as little as £19.98.

Order a compost bin

For more information on recycling, to order a new recycling box/bag or compost bin, or to check collection dates and recycling centre opening hours, go to the bins, rubbish and recycling web pages.

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