Sustainable School Travel

Walking and cycling are much healthier ways of getting to school than riding in a car. Children who get exercise and fresh air on their way to school are more alert and attentive in class. Ask any teacher! That means they get a flying start in school. The links below provide resources to allow you to give your children the best possible start to the school day.

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Instructions for obtaining electronic maps
Find your best route by looking at maps of your area.
Find out more about the 'WoW' Scheme.

For information about a flexible scheme to reduce car journeys to school and to get children active, see the Walk on Wednesday leaflet.

Cycling routes are shown on the interactive On-line Cycling Map page.

By Bus
Not everyone lives close enough to cycle or walk to school, that's where buses come in! To find out where the bus routes are near you, have a look at the moving buses on the Map Movies page.

To plan a journey once you have found out what bus is probably best for you, you might want to use the journey planner, provided by Travel South Yorkshire. To find out how, use this link:

How to use the Journey Planner pdf
Timetables and journey planner for bus, Supertram and train services

To Do

Colouring Booklet

Information on Sustainable School Travel