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Priority three

Reducing the Threat of Domestic Abuse and reducing the harm to victims

Why this is a priority

The impact of Domestic Abuse on the victim and children is severe and long lasting. Domestic-related crimes have seen an increase of 18 percent in the last year and a rising level of incidents impacts on all services and can only begin to be tackled by a multi-agency response. Whilst the Partnership has a range of measures and services in place, endemic under-reporting means there is scope to review and focus our resources to greater effect.

Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage are also areas where we need to improve confidence in reporting, only then can we understand the true picture and apply resources most effectively.


Partnership Plan

Domestic Abuse Strategy 2017-2020

Honour Based Violence Protocol

Rotherham Domestic Abuse Handbook 2018

Even though much domestic abuse occurs within the privacy of personal and family relationships, it’s far from being a private issue. Occurring in all parts of society, it accounts for a quarter of all violent crime and costs the taxpayer billions of pounds every year.

The greatest cost by far however, is the physical and emotional cost to the victims and children from all walks of life. Dealing with its effects on their lives on a day-to-day basis may even continue long after they have escaped abuse.

Being able to respond to the needs of victims and families relies on us working together, as agencies and communities. We all have an important role to play, which begins with shared understanding and stretches across the need to keep people safe, provide support and bring offenders to justice, all the while pursuing prevention as the best cure. You could be the first or only contact a victim has felt confident enough to talk to.

The Domestic Abuse Handbook is here to help guide and support you to support others.

The handbook will help you recognise and give appropriate support to victims and children who are being abused; it promotes networking and information-sharing amongst domestic violence agencies. It is an important stepping stone towards an effective, multi-agency response to domestic abuse that will create safer futures for families and communities.

Domestic Abuse Handbook

Further information

Abuse or neglect - Get help for someone being abused or neglected

Domestic Homicide Reviews. The Home Office guidance states that "Publication of Overview Reports and the Executive Summary will take place following agreement from the Quality Assurance Group at the Home Office and should be published on the local CSP (Community Safety Partnership) web page."

For more information about Domestic Homicide Reviews go to Conducting domestic homicide reviews.

The Overview Reports and Executive Summaries can be downloaded below.

Adult Z Executive Summary (redacted)

Modern slavery involves the movement or recruitment of individuals using threats, deception or other means for the purpose of exploitation including sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, domestic servitude or criminal activities.

There is no typical victim of slavery –they can be men, women and children of all ages but it is normally more prevalent amongst the most vulnerable, minority or socially excluded groups. Find out what to look for and how to report it.

Rotherham Council's transparency statement on modern slavery

Victims of crime - There are organisations that victims of crime can contact for free advice, practical information or emotional support.

Working with communities – How the Safer Rotherham Partnership works together with community groups and organisations to achieve our priorities.