Adoption in Rotherham

Adoption support and training

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The adoption service recognises the importance of supporting adopters throughout their journey which includes support after you have adopted a child (or children). 

Supporting you throughout your journey

Before a child is placed with you for adoption a clear plan of support will have been agreed. This plan will be reviewed and updated to make sure you and the child (or children) are receiving all the support you need.

If you adopt through Rotherham Council, we have a duty to provide post adoption support for three years. After this, the responsibility passes to the council where you live.

Rotherham is very lucky that we have a therapeutic team managed by a clinical psychologist, and individual support and therapy is available alongside support groups offered by the adoption team and the therapeutic team.

Preparation training

Preparation training will take place in stage one and stage two.

These are full days, run by a social worker and family support worker.

Training during stage one

  • Day one– First steps on the adoption journey

Training during stage two

  • Day one – Child abuse and the effect on the adopted child
  • Day two– Attachment, child development and positive parenting
  • Day three – Grief, loss and contact
  • Day four – Looking forward and looking back

Support groups

As well as the individual support offered the agency facilitates group support including:

  • Stay and play session on a fortnightly basis for children and their parents
  • Monthly play session for primary school aged children with their parents
  • Monthly support group for parents

Please contact us on 01709 254005 to find out the details of our next group.

Support for adopted teenagers

Support for adopted teens is available through the Adopted Teen Identity group. Teens can join the group to meet other adopted people, to talk to people who will understand their situation or simply to try new fun things.

Visit the AT-iD website

Supporters Day

We understand that parenting can be a challenge, particularly if you are parenting a child who has experienced trauma, abuse and neglect.

Research and experience tells us that support is a vital part of a successful adoption placement.

Professional support is important but the support offered from family and friends is the most valuable to adoptive parents and the children.

We offer a one day training for family and supporters to ensure they have an understanding of the early life experiences of children with an adoption plan therefore allowing them to offer the right practical and emotional support to their family members embarking on an adoption journey.