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Children's stories

Jacob and Joshua's story

Two brothers

Happy brothers need a forever home...

Rotherham brothers Jacob, aged two, and Joshua, aged nine months, are hoping that 2018 will be the year they find a forever family. The boys are currently in foster care while Rotherham Adoption Agency finds them a permanent home.

Jacob is a two-year-old bubbly, very sociable and smiling little boy who is kind to other children and to his little brother. He particularly enjoys the outdoors and will spend hours going for walks and playing in the garden. He loves any games that involve running, jumping and kicking a ball and he also likes quiet time reading books or singing songs.

Jacob is slightly delayed in his speech but he still manages to communicate well. He does put some words together but is not yet speaking in full sentences. Despite this he is very chatty and will greet neighbours and shopkeepers on his daily walks.

Joshua is an alert nine-month-old baby who is smiley and notices everything that is going on around him. He giggles when he is tickled or sung to by adults. The brothers’ current foster carers say that they are a real pleasure to care for. Both children are very healthy with no additional needs.

To find out how you can adopt with Rotherham come along to one of our drop in Information Events at Rotherham Town Hall.

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Lucy and Jessica's story

Lucy and Jessica

Lucy was just 2 years old when she was removed from her birth parents care due to concerns about neglect and emotional abuse – they had both impacted upon her development significantly both physically as she couldn’t talk and she was unsteady on her feet and emotionally as she could be nervous around people. During the time that she was in foster care through stimulation and love Lucy’s speech developed.

A few months later her younger sister Jessica was born and joined Lucy in her foster home. Their care proceedings concluded within 6 months and it was decided that they could not return to birth family and that a search would begin to find them an adoptive family.

A few weeks after the plan was greed in court their social worker met a couple who had been recently approved as Prospective Adopters – she felt that they would be great parents for the girls.

Over the next two months meetings were held to agree all the plans for the girls and their move to their new family.

Lucy and Jessica met their new parents over a period of ten days before they officially moved in. The girls loved being with their new family and made great friends with the dog! A few months later the Adoption Order Application was made.

The Celebration Hearing was held 18 months after Lucy had come into foster care and the change in her was unbelievable – she had become a happy chatty little girl who along with Jessica had settled in with their new mummy, daddy, grandparents and the dog!

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Matthew's story

Children on adults shoulders

Matthew was born just after Court proceedings concluded in relation to his older brother. He was the 3rd child to be born in his family and none of them lived with their parents due to concerns about their inability to meet their basic care needs due to their drug and alcohol misuse.

Due to him being exposed to substances in the womb he had to stay in hospital following his birth so that he could be observed during the period of withdrawal as babies can become very distressed. This also meant that the social workers could go to court as birth parents would not agree to him being placed in foster care. The Judge agreed with the social workers and said that Matthew should live with foster carers whilst final decisions were made.

When Matthew was born it was evident that he had the facial features of a child with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and as he grew he wasn’t meeting his developmental miles. He was referred for further investigations and was diagnosed with FAS.

This diagnosis impacted on the family finding process for him however when he was 3 years old a family was found for him – a couple had already adopted one child with FAS and therefore knew about the impact on him but also the joy that he would bring to their lives.