Support for looked after children and care leavers

How we can help you

Our advocates can:

  • Help sort out problems on your behalf 
  • Discuss your options with you and help you understand what is happening 
  • Help you to prepare for important meetings 
  • Work with you to help you put your views across 
  • Help you to share your concerns with the right people 
  • Help you to write letters and fill in forms 
  • Help you to understand complaints procedures and help you if you decide to make a complaint 
  • Be honest and open with you and always tell you what we are doing, ask your permission to talk to certain people and keep you informed about who we are talking to and what is happening 
  • Help you to increase your confidence and learn personal skills that will help you as you become more independent and prepare for your future

An advocate does not necessarily make everything better because there may be some situations that we cannot change. We do promise that our advocates will make sure that you know what is happening and why and we will also make sure that the people responsible for your care know how you feel about things.