Support for looked after children and care leavers

About our advocates

You can expect our advocates to be:

  • Independent - we work on your behalf, and our job is to represent you. We work for you and will make sure that the things you want to share are heard by the right people and acted upon
  • Confidential - what you tell us will not be shared with anyone, unless you give us your permission to do so. The only time we will tell someone without your permission is if you tell us something that makes us think you or someone else is at risk. We will always let you know before this happens
  • Sensitive - every child or young person is unique. We will make sure that you are treated with respect as an individual and in a way that you will understand according to your individual needs and abilities
  • Reliable – we will be honest with you and not make promises we cannot keep.  We will keep you informed about the things we are doing on your behalf and do our very best to help and support you