Adult Social Care Providers and Personal Assistants

How to report and respond to a suspected outbreak of COVID-19 in a Care Home or if your are a care provider

Experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak is extremely worrying and challenging for social care providers. For cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 in care home settings, please undertake infection control and isolation procedures in line with the guidance.

When you have identified a positive case you must notify the following.

Admission and care of residents during COVID-19 incident in a care home.

1. Notify Public Health England

You will need to notify PHE Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team on 0113 386 0300 if you have 2 or more cases (residents or staff) of suspected or confirmed Covid-19 within 14 days of one another.

If there is a large rise in the number of symptomatic cases or there is an increase in number of unexpected deaths within the care home, inform the PHE Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team immediately.

Common causes of fever in the elderly, such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) should be ruled out.

For residents who require medical attention, please phone and discuss with their GP or NHS 111. In an emergency call 999, informing them and the receiving hospital if there is an outbreak in the home.

2. Notify the Council via Test and Trace

You will need to complete all sections of the Covid Incident Reporting Form and email it to

Further Cases

Keep adding any further positive cases to your Covid Incident reporting form and re email. The information will be used if an Incident Management Team (IMT) meeting is required to review your outbreak (an outbreak is classed as 2 or more cases).