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Collection schedules

Please make sure your bin is placed at the kerbside on collection day before 7am and not blocking the pavement.

If you put the wrong material in a bin, we won't collect it.

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Garden waste

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Missed bin collection

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Why we haven't collected your waste

Reasons why we may not have collected your waste:

  • Your bin lid was not shut
  • You left side waste or additional bagged waste
  • Your bin was not presented (bins need to be at kerbside by 7am)
  • Your recycling container contained incorrect material
  • The incorrect bin or container was presented for collection

Do not compact the contents of your bin as it makes it difficult for our collection vehicles to remove and it could damage your bin.

Get a new bin

We can provide a new bin, box or bag for your waste and recycling.

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Get help to put your bins out

We can help you with putting your bins out on collection day.

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Arrange removal of bulky waste

We can help you with the removal of larger household items, such as furniture.

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See which bin or container to use

See what materials should go in your containers.

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