Catcliffe Heritage Day

The heritage day held in September was a great success and was attended by over 100 people throughout the day.

Ward Members provided Community Leadership funding to the Brinsworth and Catcliffe History group to support the event and to provide the prizes for the Children’s art competition.

The event was the work of a number of groups and organisations coming together to provide a variety of information and activities to celebrate Rotherham’s Heritage with a focus on the Catcliffe area.

There were many displays from different groups including the history group and the Brinsworth Arts Group, and a number of educational talks and film shows for people to take part in. The Heritage service and local volunteers provided an array of arts and crafts activities for families to make and take home items such as glass and pebble decorating.

Staff members from Rotherham Museum were on hand throughout the day and gave 3 tours and talks of the Catcliffe Glass Kiln, which is one of the English Heritage listed monuments.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Ian Jones was in attendance and was given a tour of the kiln, took part in the craft activities and met the three lucky winners of the Arts competition, Tia, Amy and Olivia who all received certificates, Meadowhall vouchers and an art kit.

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