Parish Councillors elected for Catcliffe, Orgreave and the new parish at Waverley

Eighteen new Parish Councillors will take office in three of Rotherham’s Parishes next month after being selected in an uncontested election. Residents would have been heading for the polls in the parishes of Catcliffe, Orgreave and Waverley at the beg

The majority of Rotherham’s Parishes are due for elections in May 2020, but these three Council elections took place a year earlier following the creation of a new parish at Waverley, which came into being on Monday 1 April. The formation of Waverley parish resulted in the boundaries of Catcliffe and Orgreave being amended, so an election for all three was required.

Sharon Kemp, Chief Executive of Rotherham Council and the Returning Officer for these elections said, “Parish councils are an essential part of the local democratic structure and these new councillors will play vital roles acting on behalf of their communities.

“The new parish in Waverley will meet on a regular basis to hear from its constituents, discuss local matters and make decisions that will affect the community. It will, like other parish councils, have influence in areas such as planning, crime prevention and litter.

The new parish will be represented by Waverley Community Council, which came into being at the same time, and is currently being administered by acting parish councillors appointed by the borough council.

After next year’s elections, all parish elections, including Catcliffe, Orgreave and Waverley, will be held on the same day as Borough elections.

The Notices of Election for Catcliffe, Orgreave and Waverley were published on 26 March 2019. The results of the uncontested election were published on 4 April 2019.