Why plant trees?

Planting trees can have a positive impact on a local community. By absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere trees can improve air quality and help to combat climate change.

A walk among trees enhances our mood, reduces stress and improves our mental wellbeing. Green spaces encourage more social interaction and a stronger sense of community.  Trees also help to improve soils and prevent flooding and erosion. They provide ecosystems for local wildlife and much more.

Nurturing clean and green environments is one of the Ward priorities for Brinsworth and Catcliffe, which is why Cllr Carter, and Cllr Buckley have allocated funding to purchase and plant two apple trees in Catcliffe.  It is anticipated that this will be a starting point for many more trees being planted across the ward.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of tree planting and ways of getting involved in your local community visit the Woodland Trust website