Collaborative Connections Across Rotherham’s Historic Sites

Rotherham Museums, Arts and Heritage has secured funding from Historic England to empower communities to reconnect with three of our five heritage sites including Keppel’s Column in Thorpe Hesley, Catcliffe Cone in Catcliffe and Waterloo Kiln in Swinton.

Through the project we will bring together communities, artists, and heritage experts to co-produce three exciting and innovative programmes of engagement. The programme will increase awareness, accessibility, and appreciation of these three unique heritage sites. It will also enable us to create new stories of our shared heritage, ensuring that our historic sites belong to all sections of the community.

As well as reconnecting communities with their heritage, the funding will also enable us to explore new sustainable management models for these sites, from Friends Groups to Heritage Wardens, ensuring that local residents play a key role in the future development, management and care of these historic pillars of community life.

If you would like to be involved in the project, please contact Christine Evans at Rotherham Museums, Arts and Heritage by emailing You can also find out more by following Clifton Park and Museum on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.