Exercise and Social Media

Exercise and Social Media Police advice set out below

As people follow the Government guidelines around one piece of exercise a day, you won't help but notice that there has been an increase in people dusting off their old trainers and pulling their bikes out from the back of the garage.
Generally with this, people also like to let others know that they have been exercising, and often take to social media and popular apps like Strava and Map my run to show their friends exactly what they have been doing and where they have been.
With this in mind always remember your privacy settings and who exactly can see what and where you have been.
Some apps will publish maps and it isn't hard to work out where you live from the start and stop point. Check the settings as most should have a privacy setting that hides this. If it doesn't then consider if it is the right app for you.
Make sure that your social media settings around privacy are also set so that only the people you want to know, know about your daily routine.
Criminals do look at social media and it won't take them long to work out that you go out at the same time and take in the same route if this is easily visible on social media.
If you do go out to take in some fresh air, remember to secure your property and don't leave anything on show. Unfortunately most criminals don't comply to guidelines and will exploit any chance they can get.
Stay safe and keep up to date with the current guidelines.
PS Al Beever
Rotherham South NPT

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